Creative Lacing Techniques for Your Sneakers with Lace Lab

Here's the ultimate visual guide to lacing your shoes with Lace Lab. The lacing of your sneakers isn't so much a matter of practicality in putting the shoes on but more an opportunity to infuse flair, style, and that personal finishing touch to your footwear. Whether making a fashion statement or just for a change, sneaker lacing does justice to the role. Different techniques to sneaker lacing make all the difference. Here is a visual guide to new sneaker lace methods with Lace Lab laces, perfect for sneakerheads at every level. 

Air Jordans with Cross Lace Lab Laces

1. Cross Lacing:

This is one of the most common ways of lacing sneakers for good security and comfort. This one is good for athletic shoes where stability by the foot is key.


Start from the bottom eyelets, bringing the lacing cords up evenly spaced. Cross the laces over and back out through the next set of eyelets. Repeat.


Straight Laced Vans
(credit: @salex)

2. Straight Lacing

Straight lacing, also known as bar lacing, is clean and simple, ideal for a minimalist look. This style is great for sneakers with an even number of eyelet pairs and works well with flat and oval-shaped laces.


1. Start from the bottom and thread the laces horizontally.

2. Alternate sides, threading vertically from beneath to maintain a 'bar' appearance across the shoe.


Ladder Lacing Shoe Laces
(credit: @ProfessorShoelace)

3. Ladder Lacing

Ladder lacing is not only visually striking but also provides extra tightness and support, making it suitable for boots and high-tops used in rugged activities.


1. Thread the lace horizontally at the bottom eyelets.

2. Cross the ends vertically and pass them under the vertical lace sections on the opposite sides before continuing upwards.




4. Loop Back Lacing

Loop back, or biker lacing, is designed to alleviate pressure on the top ridge of the foot, ideal for long periods of wear.


1. Start normally with a cross-lacing pattern.

2. Halfway up, loop the laces back through the previous eyelet before continuing to lace up regularly.


Each lacing technique offers its own blend of aesthetic appeal and practical benefits. Experimenting with different lacing styles can breathe new life into your favorite sneakers and make your LaceLab laces stand out. Try different methods to find what best suits your shoes and your style.

With LaceLab laces, available in various colors and materials, the possibilities for customizing your sneaker's look are endless. So why not grab a pair and start experimenting today? Each lace-up style could transform your sneakers from ordinary to extraordinary!