Aglets, the cover on the ends of your laces that keeps them from fraying, come on all shoes laces, but that doesn’t mean they’re all created equal. Adding metal aglets to your laces is an easy way to create a custom look.


Coming in a variety of metals and finishes it’s easy to find an aglet to compliment your laces and shoes. The Cylinder Aglet – Complete Set is a good place to start. It comes with five sets of four aglets each and super glue for installing them.

First make sure the laces can still through the lace holes with the aglets added. To add the aglets put a few drops of super glue inside the aglet. Be careful not to put in too much glue so there is still some space for the lace end. Put the lace end inside the aglet and let dry for a few hours.


Installation for the Yeezy inspired Plated Metal Aglets involves one additional step. For this two part install first glue or crimp the screw part onto the end of the lace. If glued wait until it has dried and then screw on the outer part of the aglet. It’s a good idea to add super glue to the aglet when screwing it on to make sure it stays on. You can also leave them unglued so you can change out the aglets whenever you want.

In a few hours you can create a custom look with your laces and aglets that no one else has.

Nike, Adidas – these names are no surprise when it comes to the top selling sneaker companies every year, but there are a few sneakers you might be surprised made the list.  Matt Powell, a Senior Industry Advisor in sports at market research company NPD Group released the list of top selling sneakers for last year, and some of the sneakers in the top spots might not be the ones you would expect. Check out the top sneakers of 2017 and some laces that can take them to the next level.

10. Coming in at number ten is the Air Jordan 6. Keep the look classic with Black Laces.



 9. Number nine is the Air Jordan 11. Create your own custom look with a pair of Rope Laces.



8. Add some color to the Adidas Tubular Shadow, at number eight, with Infrapink/Black Rope Laces.



7. Bring an unexpected look to the Air Jordan 13, number seven on the list, with Luxury Leather Laces.



6. The Air Jordan 4 ranks at number six. Create a monochrome look with matching Shoe Laces.



5. In the number five spot is the Nike Revolution 3. Stand out with a pair of Reflective Flat Laces.



4. The Adidas Superstar comes in at number four. Some Japanese Katakana Shoe Laces would put a new twist on a classic.



3. The Nike Air Huarache is number three. Enhance the futuristic look with Reflective Flat Laces 2.0.




2. Freshen up a pair of well-worn Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star Low, the second highest selling sneaker, with a clean pair of White Shoe Laces.



1. The Nike Tanjun is the highest selling shoe of 2017. Add some color and texture with Multi-Color Rope laces.


Is Nike SB Back?

November 14, 2017

The Nike SB Pigeon Dunk is back in black. While Nike SB might not make the same waves it used to, the re-release and new colorway of this Jeff Staple designed sneaker puts it back on the map. 

(Source: Nike)

If you know streetwear, you know this Nike SB Dunk Lo is one of the legendary designs from Nike SB's 'Pink Box' era (2005). If you don't here's a quick run down of the history behind one of the most iconic releases to come out of Nike SB, and early 2000's streetwear culture in general.

(Source: Highsnobiety)

First, you have to start with Jeff Ng, better known as Jeff Staple and his company Staple Design. Staple Design was founded in 1997 as a clothing company, retail store, and design/marketing agency - basically a one stop shop for New York City streetwear.

After racking up a number of design and collaboration projects, Staple linked up with Nike's SB line for a Dunk Lo. Staple's 'Pigeon' design was an homage to the only thing more ubiquitous to the NYC landscape than tall buildings - pigeons. 

(Source: Sneakernews)

The Dunk featured a pigeon-inspired colorway with a few extra nods to the infamous bird, including a pigeon embroidered on the back heel tab. When the collab was announced, people showed up to stores two to three days ahead time to camp out. 

Having a core group of buyers led to a different market place for sneakers than there is now. A camp out for a pair of sneakers was still basically unheard of, so the fact that people were actually rioting (or nearly rioting) was shocking. Of course, this far more common now, but at the time, it was telling moment for how heavy the hype for a pair of sneakers had gotten. The madness even made the papers the next day.

At the time, Nike SB was still an in-the-know line, with mass market distribution years in the making. The SB line was putting out a number of collaborations with some of streetwear's biggest names including Stussy and Supreme. Imagine how that would go over in 2017?

If you copped a pair or make your own Pigeon-inspired Dunks, grab a pair of our SB Dunk Shoe Laces.

It's no secret the you, us, and most sneakerheads love the adidas NMD model. We have a whole lace collection dedicated to it. And logistically speaking, this model and it's different iterations are one of the fastest selling sneakers on the market after they drop.

Adidas NMD Triple Black

For as popular as the NMD models are, some of the sought after colorways are the “Japan” editions that feature Japanese characters like these NMD_R1's.

Adidas Triple White NMD with Lace Lab Japanese Flat Laces. 30" for the perfect fit!

We love coming up with different ways for you to customize your sneakers, so we thought of a great way to compliment them. Our what brought us to our latest product, Japanese Katakana Laces.

Adidas Triple Black NMD with Lace Lab Japanese Flat Laces

The text on these premium laces reads "the brand with the three stripes," which is what the text on the front EVA midsole plugs and heel tab says.

Lace Lab White Japanese Flat Laces - Perfect for Ultra Boost's & NMD's

Much like the sneaker pack itself, the Japanese Katakana Laces come in both White and Black, with two sizes available for each.

Black & White Lace Lab Japanese Flat Laces - Perfect for Ultra Boost's & NMD's

While we made them in 30" laces for NMDs, we also made 41" laces for Ultra Boosts. Maybe you can make a pair of NMD R1 inspired custom Ultra Boosts with a pair of these laces.

Lace Lab Japanese Flat Laces - Perfect for Ultra Boost's & NMD's

These are Lace Lab exclusive of course, but they're only available in limited quantities, so grap a pair!

It’s always good to have options when you’re looking for the right sneaker accessory. This is especially true when it comes to shoe laces. Choosing the right pair of laces for your sneakers comes down to personal style, and that’s why we have so many options, from rope laces to flat laces and more. We wanted to take it a step further and make everything customizable, so we’re now offering metal lace tips that we add on in-house at the time you order.

What this means is that while we already have a stacked selection of laces to choose from, you can mix things up even more. Take for example our standard rope laces, we offer this product in dozens of colors, so you can find a complementary lace for almost any colorway. Say you settle on a pair of classic white rope laces for a pair of Triple White NMDs - you still have options!

Specifically, you can choose the color of the lace tip and we make them in-house for you. The lace tip, as the name implies, is the plastic cap at the end of your shoelaces that keep the fabric together and makes lacing them up easy to do. Here’s the thing, you don’t have to keep that standard plastic tip anymore. The lace tip is a small detail, but those small details add up in the long run.

Lace Lab’s speciality is to always cook up something fresh for premium sneaker laces, and we’re excited for this new product.

Adidas EQT 93/17 Support - Royal Blue

The Adidas EQT 93/17 with boost sole is back with this clean Royal Blue colorway. Sporting the mesh white uppers, we matched the hints of Royal Blue using two different laces. Shown above, we used our Blue Multi-Color Rope Laces.

Adidas 93/17 EQT Support - Royal Blue

Adidas Boost and our 3M Reflective Rope Laces go hand-in-hand! Up next we have our second favorite lace swap option. Our Blue 3M Reflective Rope Laces are shown below. We used the 41" lace length for the perfect fit. 


Adidas EQT 93/17 Support Royal Blue Lace Swap

Adidas EQT 93/17 Support Royal Blue Lace Swap

If you're still rockin' the stock laces on your Adidas EQT 93/17's, be sure to check out our while selection of 2-color Rope Laces as well as our 3M Reflective Rope Laces!

Yeezy Economics

August 14, 2017

When it comes to generating hype, adidas is ahead of the curb with Yeezy Boosts. Since the original dropped in 2015, there hasn't been any indication that this line will go away. But with that, there have been hints that the seminal sneaker is becoming more and more accessible. For a sneakerhead, the chance to buy a pair is great—but does an overabundance take away from the hype?

The original 350 model released in four color ways, and the hype behind them was very real. With the 350 V2, adidas already dropped far more than that with numerous motifs like "Red Night," "Blue Tint," and "Semi Frozen Yellow" coming down the pipeline.

With a slew of recently leaked product shots, the Boost 350 V2 doesn't seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. In theory, more color ways coming leaves a very real possibility of an oversaturated market.

It's not entirely likely if this is going to happen in the immediate future, but it does indicate that the sneaker isn't going anywhere any time soon. In terms of classic supply-and-demand, having greater access or more options to buy could impact the overall demand.

The resell price, for instance, has gone down on the Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Zebras with recent restocks. Beyond this, adidas VP Jon Wexler recently spoke on restocks in a round table with StockX TV, both as a concept and as a actuality for past releases. With restocks, more customers can buy Yeezys, but he did admit that it's a loaded word. Ultimately, restocks and multiple color ways means the Yeezy Boosts will still be a widely purchased sneaker.

Ultra Boosts 4.0

July 21, 2017

For all the Ultra Boost heads out there, some cool news came from the Twitter-verse earlier this week concerning the beloved woven sneaker — a close up shot of the Ultra Boost 4.0 and a possible release date.

(Source: @YeezyMafia)

The elusive sneaker collective aptly Yeezy Mafia first dropped the preview of the 4.0 in May, showcasing a variety of new color ways (there are 20 of them). Now they came out with a closer picture of the Primeknit and Boost soles. For those with a keen eye, the subtle change to the knitted pattern changes up the toe box significantly. With this picture, they're predicting the newest member of the Boost family will get a December release date. 

(Source: YeezyMafia)

As far as release dates go, that much is tricky because the Yeezy Mafia isn't associated with adidas. While the exact members of the Yeezy Mafia still maintain anonymity, which is something of a miracle in the digital age, they have established themselves as something of a valuable resource on sneaker drops in the past. Having accurately predicted the release dates of the Yeezy “Light Brown” 750s and “Beluga” V2s, it became clear that the shadowy group does have some legit insider knowledge on the subject. This means there prediction has more than a 50/50 chance of being right. 

(Source: @YeezyMafia)

So, come holiday season, we'll see if the 4.0's drop as predicted. Historically, dropping any new version of a hyped product around the holiday season usually works out well for the manufacturer and this is typically true in the sneaker world. Until then, we'll keep dreaming of the 4.0 and all the ways we can swap out those laces. Our new Charcoal Grey Rope Laces would definitely look clean on the Oreo color way.

You'd be hard pressed to meet someone who's never heard of LaVar Ball in 2017. While Ball isn't a basketball player himself, his name is attached, oddly enough, to NBA quite a bit these days. This could be because Ball's son Lonzo is the LA Lakers' newest player after securing a number two draft pick in this year's draft.


But being a basketball isn't newsworthy; this guy is though. Part of Ball's media appeal is that he handles managing his son's prospects and image in the same vein a wrestling manager in the WWE might. In other words, he's ridiculous and the media loves it. This is only part of the equation. Another, perhaps even more comical aspect of Ball's place in pop culture is his Big Baller Brand, that he seemingly promotes through his son's success. It's a smart move.

(Source: NiceKicks)

Now starting a small business is no feat, so one can applaud his efforts to create and mass market this entity. This is true when you might consider the fact that BBB created its own sneaker and is essentially going it alone in a world of multi-million dollar shoe contracts. For players of Lonzo's caliber, a sneaker deal can't be far behind, so attempting to disrupt the massive draft-to-shoe deal cycle is no doubt commendable.

(Source: Hypebeast)

Here's the interesting thing about the BBB flagship ZO2 sneakers, they're super expensive. By dropping a $495 sneaker, Ball secured something of an organic marketing strategy for his company and his son's image. People may or may not buy them, but a lot of people are talking about them. The irony of the situation is that the price tag, while high, isn't an anomaly when you look at the history of signature basketball sneakers. To put it in perspective, Jordan's first signature sneaker cost $180 in 1985; when you adjust for inflation, that's about $415 in today's market. So while the ZO2 are still more expensive, what's an $80 difference (or $33 in 1985 terms)?

(Source: SI)

Many detractors have called the sneakers a litany of interesting names or suggested they're not too easy on the eyes. Regardless of how sneakerheads and basketball enthusiasts feel about these sneakers, they're definitely going to be in the mix for a while. Who knows, maybe they just need a fresh pair of rope laces? We could help out there.

To survive the heat of summer, you have to have the 'fit to match—that usually means lighter clothes, breathable fabric, and the right footwear. Generally speaking, white sneakers are a classic summer-time staple.

Even the most technical sneakers look effortless in a white colorway. This can be triple white, mostly white with some color accent, or even off-white. Either way, if you don't have a pair of white sneakers in your rotation, you should grab a pair.

Per the usual, adidas stays ahead of the curb season after season. Keeping summer sensibility in mind, adidas dropped some NMD fire this month. One stand out has been the adidas NMD Japan Pack, which offers two tonal takes on the classic NMD R1 Primeknit. The triple white motif is accent by Japanese characters on the EVA inserts. For the keen eye, there's more lettering on the pull tab as well.

(Source: adidas)

When it comes to NMD laces, it doesn't hurt to keep another pair on stock. NMD Rope laces need to be a certain length, which what Lace Lab specializes in. You could pick up another pair of White Rope Laces or mix these up with a pair of our White 3M Inverse Rope Laces.

If you're not looking for a triple white, adidas also dropped a White/Black NMD R2. They're almost all-white, with some splashes of black on heel tab and outsole to keep things interesting.

(Source: adidas)

These would look good with our White 3M Reflective Rope Laces, with enough off-set coloration to compliment the sneakers.

Whichever NMD's you're rocking, pick up a fresh pair of NMD Rope Laces from Lace Lab.

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