Luxury Leather Laces by Lace Lab
    Give your kicks the luxury treatment with Lace Lab's Genuine Leather Laces. Note: Metal Aglets may not fit through shoes with smaller plastic eyelets (such as: Jordan 3, Jordan 4, & 5). When installing the laces, please pull on the leather rather than the metal lace tips whenever possible. Pulling on the lace tips may cause them to permanently be removed from the leather. 
    Note: Each pair is custom made to order, therefore no returns/exchanges will be accepted for Luxury Leather Laces. We highly recommend that you find the exact measurements required for your application before ordering.
    Approximate width: 5mm

    36" = $16.95 | 45" = $17.95 | 54" = $18.95 | 63" = $19.95

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