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10 Top Laces of 2022

10 Top Laces of 2022

December 30, 2022

The top-selling laces of 2022 can tell us a lot about the world of sneakers this past year. Many of the most popular laces are those tried and true styles that make them classic laces that will be top sellers for years to come. Other laces speak to some of the biggest trends that have popped up more recently. However they ended up on the list, these replacement laces were the ones gracing the most custom sneakers and new releases this past year.

Sail Jordan 1 Replacement Shoelaces

It's no surprise that Jordan 1 Replacement Shoelaces in Sail is a top seller this year. Sail, a versatile off-white color, is an easy way to give any sneaker a vintage feel. Add these laces to your Jordans or any pair of sneakers you want to give this classic look.

White Jordan 1 Replacement Shoelaces

The second best seller is also the Jordan 1 Replacement Shoelaces, but this time in white. White laces are a quick and easy way to give any pair of sneakers a fresh look, whether you're replacing existing white laces that have gotten dingy or want to replace a more colorful pair.

Black Jordan 1 Replacement Shoelaces

Locking in all three top spots, the Jordan 1 Replacement Shoelaces in Black takes the third spot, and why wouldn't it? These laces are just as great a lace swap choice in Black as they are in Sail and White. A neutral shade like Black is a great match for almost any sneaker.

White Dunk Replacement Shoelaces

Number four shakes things up with the White Dunk Replacement Shoelaces. Dunk laces have that updated, classic laces look, and white makes these laces an easy way to refresh your Dunks or any sneakers.

Pink Jordan 1 Replacement Shoelaces

In the fifth spot we get some color with these Pink Jordan 1 Replacement Shoelaces. These laces are the perfect pink, not too bright but not too subtle. Add these laces to any sneakers that need some color.

Sail Dunk Replacement Shoelaces

Sail makes another appearance, this time with the Dunk Replacement Shoelaces. These laces are the perfect match for your vintage Dunks or any sneakers that have a retro look.

Red Jordan 1 Replacement Shoelaces

If you're really looking to add some color there is no better way than with a pair of Red Jordan 1 Replacement Shoelaces. The classic Michael Jordan red makes this a timeless choice and the perfect match for your Jordan 1s.

White - XI Rope Laces

For a more modern look, White - XI Rope Laces are a great choice. Rope laces will give any sneakers a contemporary look, and white replacement laces give your sneakers that fresh-out-of-the-box feel instantly.

White Off-White Style "SHOELACES"

Off-White has been influencing trends for years now, so it makes sense that Off-White Style "SHOELACES" in White are such a popular choice. Covered in "SHOESLACES" text, these laces are an easy way to add some style to your sneakers.

Black Dunk Replacement Shoelaces

Coming in at number ten, last, but certainly not least, are Black Dunk Replacement Shoelaces. Like their White and Sail counterparts, these Dunk Replacement Laces give you that classic Dunk look in a shade that is easy to pair with almost any sneaker.

Whether you're looking for the hottest laces of the year or something a little more off the radar, find your laces at Lace Lab. Also, be sure to check out Lace Lab on Instagram for the latest lace swaps.

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