Yeezy Boost 350: Most Hyped Shoe This Year?

Let’s talk about the Yeezy Boost 350. We’ve all heard about this shoe by now, and if you haven’t, well do you know who Kanye is? Anyways, Kanye made the jump to Adidas last year and has been pushing his new joints before they hit the market.

The big story behind Kanye’s jump to Adidas was the drama that went down over the original Nike Air Yeezy’s and Nike’s drop of the coveted Air Yeezy 2 ‘Red Octobers.’ Mind you, these are the second drop of the Adidas x Yeezy line.

The Boost 350’s area slated to drop at select retailers in New York, Los Angeles, and ‘Ye’s hometown of Chicago on June 27. So put that in your calendar: June 27, they’re running for $200, so you can cop this shoe. Don’t sleep.

(Photo Credit: HighSnobiety)

There are even rumors that nationwide chain retailer PacSun, which carried Kanye’s Wes Lang penned Yeezy Tour merch, is going to be one of the select retailers. But until after June 27th, that’s just speculation.

Remember, the first iteration of the Yeezy Boost 750’s were the hi-tops and those hit before people could break out their credit cards. The Boost 350’s are guaranteed to sell out, so Adidas is gaming the market with an initial three city release before the speculated nationwide launch.

Beside the name attached to the shoe, the Yeezy’s look incredible. The Yeezy Boost 350 is a two piece silhouette, partially constructed from Adidas’ original ‘Primeknit’ constuction for a single piece upper. The lower half of the shoe is a drop-down “boost” sole. The back ankle tag looks reminiscent of a selvedge stripe, so this might be a nod to all the denimheads out there and ‘Ye’s past collaborations with French denim gods A.P.C.

Looking again at the Primeknit upper, the black, white, and gray pattern is complemented by a pair of black and white rope laces. Now we might be biased about laces, but the rope are a key piece to the Yeezy Boosts. While not the key feature of the shoe, that’s definitely the Primeknit single piece, the rope laces are a simple, but definitive part of the 350’s.

Now admittedly, most sneakerheads aren’t going to customize these guys. They could, and we encourage the creativity, but the Primeknit doesn’t look like it would hold paint or otherwise. Going back to the laces though, rotating through different pairs of rope laces adds life to these shoes after the initial unboxing.

Might we suggest our own rope laces, which come in a wide array of colors. For these specific shoes, the 3M Reflective Laces come in white on white and black on black, both of which would kill it on the 350’s. If you wanted to be that guy, you could even add a dash of color to these guys with a pair of bright laces. We carry standard Rope Laces in different colors like Mint Green, which would jump off of the white and black Primeknit upper.

So if you’re going in for a pair of the hottest shoes dropping this summer, good luck. If you’re copping a pair, would you switch out the laces?