You Probably Need Roshe Laces

Do you ever look down at your new Roshe’s and think, “man, I want to change things up on these?” The Roshe’s Run (One as it now goes by) is one of the most iconic sneakers to come out in recent years. It’s simple, yet clean design seems to go with any outfit in any situation.

But if you’re like us, so times you might look down at your Roshe’s (like these blue and obsidian Suede joints from 2014) and think, “I could use some different laces on these.”

Source: SneakerNews

Wanting to customize your own shoes is what sets us apart from your average run-of-the-mill sneakerhead. Even something as simple as a change up in laces can go a long way, especially in low-key shoes like the Roshe Run and it’s diffusion models.

So that’s why we set out to create one of the only Roshe-style lace sets you can find on the market. While we can’t claim that we sell Roshe Run laces, we make a product that will complement any pair of Roshe Run’s that you could think of.

Our Roshe style laces run the gambit from mellow change ups like these Bone color laces to something more out there like these bright yellow laces. Or, want to keep your girl’s Roshes looking fresh? Try out Neon Pink.

Stocking up on multiple pairs is an easy fix for keeping your shoes looking fresh at all times. Is it crazy to keep a pair on you, in case your laces get messed up? Nah. A little weird? Probably, but that’s why we make these.

So if you’re worried about getting your brand new laces messed up on your Roshe NM QS Dot’s, fear not. We’ve got you totally covered with the yellow joints.

Source: Hypebeast

The nice thing about Roshe Run’s is the colorway options. You could go with yellow or black or white. It’s your choice, but we’ve got the laces for you.

But don’t get us wrong, if you purchase a pair from us, you would only need to buy multiple pairs strictly for your individual customization. These laces are pure function, made with care, and long lasting.

We guarantee they’ll last you if you treat them right. So go ahead, buy a pair or four.