Bright Laces Make Your Sneakers Go Bang

You may or may not have seen a pair of these Nike Kobe Venomenon 5's floating around the Web the past few days.


The story about them when they first hit was that these were the new colorway for the Kobe V 5’s. People seemed to respond pretty well to them, for a summer shoe these would probably kill it. They’re bright, but the colors all add up nicely on top of the white base. Let’s not forget the laces, we specialize in laces like that.

But as it turns out, these were not pictures of a new, Taiwan-exclusive Kobe 5 release. These are actually a pair of customs made by a Kobe super fan in Taiwan. If you were to head over to this guy’s Facebook, it looks like he’s pretty young dude. But that didn’t stop him from banging out these amazing customs and having the opportunity to give them to Black Mamba himself.


How cool is that?

The Volt colorway has been in Nike’s repertoire for a couple years now. The Volt colorway really took off in 2011, when it was featured on a pair of Air Max 90 Hyperfuses. Since then, Volt has become one of Nike’s modern featured colorways. So good looking at to this kid for killing those Kobe’s with a volt and purple gradient colorway. No word on where this homie got his Volt laces from, but we applaud the use of custom laces for a custom sneaker job. So buddy, if you’re reading this give us a shout.

Let’s talk bright custom jobs for a moment. Now if you’ve ever searched Angelus Direct, our custom shoe paint and accessory site, we have a full line up of neon paints that can make any custom sneaker project look as clean as this kid’s Venomenon 5 “Dreams.”

Neon paint is just the beginning when you’re customizing a pair of sneakers. One of the first things that caught our eye on those custom sneakers was the laces. When contrasted a white tongue, the Volt really popped.

This idea can be replicated with pretty much any bright lace. We carry a full line up of neon laces that are perfect for a custom sneaker job.

If you don’t want to go “all-neon” we carry some pretty dope rope laces that still give incorporate that eye catching color without going overboard.

These are great if you have a mostly black sneaker and need just a touch of color to offset the whole colorway.

Check out these custom Air Max 90’s that Angelus Direct sponsored artist Dank & Co did a while back. Putting Volt laces on a black tongue have the same effect as they do on Kobe Dreams. The first thing that catches the eye is the laces. 


So if you’re need a little something extra, why not go big with a pair of bright laces?