That New New Leather

Do you remember when you first started getting sneakers and the box came with two sets? A lot of the time, the first set of laces would be whatever the main shoe colorway was, and then they might throw in a fresh white pair of laces. So when you could switch it up from one to the other depending on your mood, you fit, or you plans for the night. You wouldn't go out on a date with a pair of bust sneakers, so of course you would want clean laces too.

Now that you’re a grown up, you can buy as many laces as you need. New pair every day if that’s you’re thing. But sometimes you want something a little bit classy than a pair of rope laces or whatever you’re messing with on the regular. So step up it up to leather laces.


You might be thinking, “hold on, leather laces? Aren’t those for boots or church shoes?” The answer is probably yes, but these aren’t those leather joints that you would find on a dude with beat up beats climbing rocks in the woods and taking selfies in front of waterfalls. Not that there’s anything wrong with hiking boots though.

Although if you leather boots are your thing, try changing it up from those usual raw laces.

 Maybe you just picked up a pair of brand new black-on-black Timbos that you want to dress up. So you're going to want something a little extra in the lace department.


Throw these on! Lace Labs cooked something up this time around that we like to call the Luxury Leather Laces.

These fine leather laces are like the dapper older cousin to the raw, straight from hide laces you’ve probably seen before.

You can dress up your boots with these bad boys, or put them on a pair of Jordans. What would look better on a pair of Jordans than these premium leather laces? They come with plated aglets too, so you can match it up down to the accent colors.

Were you one of the lucky ones that got a pair of the Supreme 5’s?


If you did, why not throw a pair of the off-white luxury leather laces on it?

Whatever these go on, they’re going to make that shoe look classy as hell. Basically, these leather laces are the finishing touch for a personalized sneakers, like a nice tie or a pair of tortoise shell glasses to top off an any classic fit.