Adidas Iniki Runner x Lace Lab Laces

Adidas always seems to push the boundaries with its Boost Technology. With previous releases, the Boost line has seen some of the most technical and aesthetically forward sneakers, like the NMD and Ultra Boost models. With the newest addition to the line-up, they continue to push the boundaries, but in a slightly different direction.

The Iniki Runner is one of the coolest sneakers out right now for a few reasons. First, and perhaps most obvious, any runners with the adidas’ patented Boost sole are going to be super comfortable. And second, unlike previous models, the Iniki Runner has an old school runner feel that’s reminiscent of something a long-distance runner would wear during a marathon in the 1970s and 80s.

Looking back into the archives, the 1970 ‘Country’ model seems to be the distance relative to the Iniki Runner. In the 1970s, running was the sport, so the race to make the most aesthetically pleasing and technologically proficient sneaker was on every footwear company’s mind. At the time of its release this cross-country sneaker boasted the tagline “Run Longer. Run Faster. Run Smarter.” And this model was designed to take the wearer the distance with long lasting comfort; if only they knew how far sneaker technology would go.

(Source: SneakerLab)

Another hot take on the Iniki could link back to the 1982 ‘Oregon,’ a runner with a name that seems like a not so subtle jab at Nike. It’s no secret that the two footwear giants have been jockeying for that number one global position for many years now. Nike, Inc. is arguably the state of Oregon’s greatest export, and the entire business was based around a running shoe and running culture. With a name like ‘Oregon,’ it was pretty clear that adidas was letting Nike know that even their home state wasn’t safe from the German company’s grasp.

If you pick up a pair and find yourself running at night, add some more of that vintage flavor with a pair of Reflective Flat Laces from Lace Lab.  And even for all the non-runners out there, the Iniki Runner x Lace Lab Reflective Laces are a good look.

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