Aglets for taking laces to the next level

Aglets, the cover on the ends of your laces that keeps them from fraying, come on all shoes laces, but that doesn’t mean they’re all created equal. Adding metal aglets to your laces is an easy way to create a custom look.


Coming in a variety of metals and finishes it’s easy to find an aglet to compliment your laces and shoes. The Cylinder Aglet – Complete Set is a good place to start. It comes with five sets of four aglets each and super glue for installing them.

First make sure the laces can still through the lace holes with the aglets added. To add the aglets put a few drops of super glue inside the aglet. Be careful not to put in too much glue so there is still some space for the lace end. Put the lace end inside the aglet and let dry for a few hours.


Installation for the Yeezy inspired Plated Metal Aglets involves one additional step. For this two part install first glue or crimp the screw part onto the end of the lace. If glued wait until it has dried and then screw on the outer part of the aglet. It’s a good idea to add super glue to the aglet when screwing it on to make sure it stays on. You can also leave them unglued so you can change out the aglets whenever you want.

In a few hours you can create a custom look with your laces and aglets that no one else has.