Air Jordan Lace Swaps

Air Jordan 1s are a classic for a reason. From the high tops to the Nike swoosh, they've got that classic look that everybody associated with Jordan at his peak. So it's not surprising to see so many Air Jordan lace swaps today. 

Just remember when selecting the right length laces for your Jordans you want 72" when tying shoelaces at the 8th eyelet and 63" when you want to leave shoelaces untied at the 8th eyelet.

Need ideas for your own Air Jordan lace swap? Check out the latest below.

(source: @hunchocustomz)

Black, white and blue makes these customs by @hunchocustomz really stand out. Matching Sail Jordan 1 Replacement⁠ Shoelaces⁠ are the perfect compliment to the white uppers, giving this pair a classic yet fresh look. 63" laces are recommended for this lace swap.

Laces: Sail Jordan 1 Replacement⁠ Shoelaces
Suggested size: 63"⁠

(source: @native_kickz)

What's an even better accessory for your fresh Air Force 1s than that leather tag? Not one but two pairs of Jordan 1 Replacement laces, the fresh White Jordan 1 Replacement⁠ Shoelaces and Royal Blue Jordan 1 Replacement Shoelaces

Laces: White Jordan 1 Replacement⁠ Shoelaces and Royal Blue Jordan 1 Replacement Shoelaces

Suggested size: 63"-72"⁠

(source: @zamosc)

Air Jordan gets the Louis Vuitton treatment with these customs by @zamosc. When you've created custom LV logo uppers for your Jordans, you want to make sure they stand out. That's why a pair of Black Waxed Shoe Laces are the perfect choice. The matte quality of waxed laces gives you some sheen, without it being to shiny. ⁠

Laces: Black Waxed Shoe Laces
Suggested size: 63"⁠

(source: @_karissaann_)

The classic Sail Jordan 1 Replacement⁠ Shoelaces strike again with this lace swap by @_karissaann_. The Sail Jordan 1 Replacement⁠ Shoelaces let the kelly green uppers on this pair shine.⁠

LacesSail Jordan 1 Replacement⁠ Shoelaces
Suggested size: 63"⁠

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