Best Of 2016

As the year runs down to a close, “Best of Year” lists are a great reminder of all the wins this the previous 365 days brought. Being that we’re in the sneaker customization game, we got to see plenty of cool custom sneakers throughout the year. While we’re not going to make a “Best of... “ list for specific customizers (because we appreciate all of you), we are going to point out some of the fan-favorite sneakers that we saw pop up in different ways in the #lacelab thread.

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The adidas Ultra Boost will probably go down as sneaker of the year. It effectively blurs the line between high-concept runner and streetwear stand mainstay.

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Time and again, we saw different Ultra Boosts, 2.0, 3.0, Uncaged, and so on, rocking our laces. Adidas ended the year with a late drop of the widely coveted Triple Black, solidifying the Ultra Boosts place in sneaker history.

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Another big one from Germany’s hottest export, was the NMD. These dropped roughly a year ago, and have been a fan favorite since then. We were quick to drop exclusive NMD length rope laces, and you all made them look good.

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The designers at adidas were able to sustain the sneakers popularity through basic supply-and-demand practices, essentially creating a steady resell market.

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After insane numbers for day-of online and in-store sales, resellers were flooded with NMD’s to supply everyone who took the L on drop day. So far every pair coming in to the resell arena (which was a lot), people were buying them up immediately.

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While adidas will certainly dominate “Best of Year” sneaker lists, the sneaker that started it all kept it’s reign well throughout 2016. The Air Jordan One is arguably the “first sneaker,” not in a literal sense of course, but as far as sneakers being a collectable, enviable part of a subcultural. Michael Jordan’s first signature model has been a global phenomenon since he was first seen with them on the court.

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Nike released a few different retros in 2016 that served as a reminder that they still, by sheer numbers alone, are the biggest shoe brand for a reason. Quite a few customizers put their own spin on Jordan 1’s with our Luxury Leather Laces. It almost seemed like these laces and this classic  silhouette were just made for each other.

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It wouldn’t be a sneaker list without Yeezy’s. Kanye West was by far the biggest thing to happen to adidas in recent years. With the Yeezy Boost 350 being crowned 2015’s sneaker of the year, that Number 1 spot arguably extends into 2016 as well with the V2.

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For anyone remotely into sneakers, the Boost 350 never seemed to go away after it’s initial drop. More colors kept coming through, leading up to the first  350 V2 drop a few months ago.

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So as the year wraps up, we’ll have to see if Kanye keeps “jumping over Jumpman” in 2017. Thanks for sticking with us another year, and remember: if you swap ‘em, let us know at #lacelab!