Blend Your Laces With Your Kicks

Sometimes your laces should blend in with your customs to let the colorway speak for itself.

Check out these pics to see how a monochromatic lace swap can elevate your kicks.

Purple Yeezys

(source: @nardgotsole_htx⁠)

Yeezys can be tough to customize. One of the best ways to do it is to stick with a monochromatic color scheme.

These customs by @nardgotsole_htx⁠ feature an all-purple colorway topped off with a pair of purple 3m reflective rope laces to match.

Black NMDs

(source: @lacelab)

By this point, NMDs are a staple in techwear and streetwear, and this all-black colorway is one of the cleanest yet.

If you don't want your laces to blend in while still adding a little something extra, try swapping for laces with a subtle design, like these Katakana flat laces.

DBZ Jordan 1s

(source: @customicasso⁠)

If your customs have a more complex design, it's often better to stick with a pair of laces that will let the design stand out.

Like these DBZ AF1s by @customicasso. The flat white laces are a perfect way to make sure everyone's attention is on the clean design.

Black & Red Jordans

(source: @quonito)

These custom Jordans by @quonito are the perfect example of how you can blend your laces with your customs.

The all-black luxury leather laces with the gold aglets are the perfect upgrade to these monochrome Js. Make sure to grab the 54" laces to make sure they fit your Js as well as these.

Black & Red 1s

(source: @__unda__⁠)

Luxury leather laces are the perfect way to give your Jordan 1s a more expensive feel.

@__unda__ swapped out the stock laces on these 1s with a pair of black leather laces with gold aglets to top off these clean black and red Js.

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