Best Boot Forward for Fall

Fall is almost here, which means boot season is just around the corner. From warmer boots ready for colder weather to hiking boots for spending time outdoors, it's the best time to get out your favorite pair.

Whether you plan on getting a new pair of leather boots or want to refresh the ones you have, Lace Lab has the laces to make your favorite boots look fresh. Check out our classic boot laces and get some advice about finding the right size for your boot lace swap.

Yellow/Tan Boot Laces

It makes sense to start where it all began when it comes to iconic boots and that's the Yellow/Tan Boot Laces. Long associated with Timberlands, this yellow and tan pair of laces make a perfect match. Get a new pair of these laces to freshen up the Timberlands you have or use these laces to give this classic Yellow-and-Tan look to another style of boots.

Laces: Yellow/Tan Boot Laces

Black/Grey Boot Laces



For a spin on the classic boot laces look try the Black/Grey Boot Laces. They have that same Timberland boot laces design, but instead of the earth-tone color palette, these laces go for a more neutral black and grey colorway. These are the perfect lace swap choice for matching a pair of black boots.

Laces: Black/Grey Boot Laces

Brown Boot Laces

If you're looking to stick with earth tones for your leather boots, but want to go monochrome, timeless Brown Boot Laces are the way to go. These look great with a variety of brown or tan-toned leather boots. The simple look makes these an excellent choice for dresser leather boots.

Laces: Brown Boot Laces

Black/Brown Boot Laces

For a similarly subtle look, but with some slight variation try the Black/Brown Boot Laces. This combination makes these laces a great choice for a wide variety of boots, from hiking boots to dress shoes.

Laces: Black/Brown Boot Laces

White Boot Laces

Of course, if you're looking to make any pair of shoes look fresh the answer is always a new pair of white laces and boots are no exception. White Boot Laces give you that brand new, right out-of-the-box feel for way less than a new pair of shoes.

Laces: White Boot Laces

With any shoe, it can be difficult to find the right lace length. Your best bet is to measure the existing laces if you want to replace them. We also have a guide you can use to roughly estimate the length you'll need based on the number of eyelets. Of course, you can always adjust the length depending on how short or long you want your tied laces to hang.

Don't find yourself searching for the perfect laces to finish off your boots this fall, make sure you have the right lace swap to start off the season right. Find all the boot laces you need at Lace Lab. Also, be sure to check out the latest Lace Lab lace swaps on Instagram.