Custom Lace Swap Inspiration: AF1s, Jordan 1s + More

While stock white or black laces might work fine for shoes straight out of the box, they're not always the right match for a pair of customs.

Finding the right pair of laces is the perfect way to take your custom to the next level and finish off your unique designs.

Check out the pictures below to see how the right lace swap can complete your customs.

Red & Blue Air Force 1

(source: @jarcustoms)

The Air Force 1 silhouette and all-white color scheme make it one of the best shoes for customizing. Just take a look at these customs by @jarcustoms as an example.

Featuring a clean red and blue flame design, custom lace locks, and red and blue Nike Swooshes, these custom AF1s are topped off with mismatching Red and Royal Blue flat laces.

Neon 1s

(source: @astrotorfcustoms)

Sometimes, stock white laces are just too boring for your custom colorway. In order to complete the design, you need to find a pair of laces that matches the energy of your custom color scheme.

These custom neon Jordan 1s, by @astrotorfcustoms, feature a unique spray paint neon colorway and are topped off with a pair of Neon Green flat laces.


(source: @simplycustomss)

One great thing about creating customs is that, if your ideal collab doesn't exist yet, you can just try making it for yourself.

@simplycustomss did just that with these CDG x AF1 customs, featuring pink CDG branding, pink aglets, and a pair of Off-White style laces to complete the design.

Lakeshow 13s

(source: @kattycustoms)

In some cases, the best way to let your custom colorway shine is to make sure the laces blend in.

@kattycustoms created these custom Lakeshow 13s, featuring the iconic Lakers purple and gold color scheme. To complete the design, she swapped out the stock laces for mismatching gold and Grape laces.

Black & Gold Jordan 11

(source: @soul_on_soles)

Solid-color customs can easily be taken to the next level with a complimentary lace swap.

These all-black 11s by @soul_on_soles are kicked up a notch by swapping out the stock laces with a pair of Gold Luxury Leather laces.

For Jordan 11s, we recommend size 54" for a perfect fit.

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