When it comes to customs this August saw an influx of purple designs. Whether the inspiration is Kobe or Vuitton, the right laces are a must for finishing off your customs. Here are the latest (purple) customs and the lace swaps that gave them that perfect finishing touch.

(source: @russellpayton_)

Luxury Leather Laces and logos go hand in hand, making them the obvious choice for these Louis Vuitton logo covered Air Force 1 customs by @russellpayton_. To keep the focus on the lavender and lilac color palette, White Luxury Leather Laces are a great choice. The white matches the soles, while not distracting from the overall design.

LacesWhite Luxury Leather Laces

Suggested size: 54"⁠

(source: @mcvsso)

Whenever you think of Lakers you think of the classic yellow and purple. And whenever you think of Lakers you think of Kobe Bryant. This custom pair of sneakers by @mcvsso pay tribute to Kobe and the Mamba Mentality in that timeless yellow and purple. For the lace swap @mcvsso choose the Grey/Black Rope Laces⁠ to pick up on the black details.

LacesGrey/Black Rope Laces

(source: @scrawnyjohny82)

For customs so nice they needed a lace swap twice check out this pair by ⁠@scrawnyjohny82. The black and purple design gets an added dose of neon with Neon Orange & Neon Green Off-white style "Shoelaces"⁠.

Laces: Neon Orange & Neon Green Off-white style "Shoelaces"⁠

Suggested size: 54"⁠

(source: @absnce_)

These customs by ⁠@absnce_ take the black and purple even further, with a black, lilac and deep purple color palette. Different textures, including the Black Luxury Leather⁠ Laces, give these customs a style all their own.

Laces: Black Luxury Leather⁠ Laces

Suggested size: 63"⁠

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