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August 27, 2021

When it comes to customs this August saw an influx of purple designs. Whether the inspiration is Kobe or Vuitton, the right laces are a must for finishing off your customs. Here are the latest (purple) customs and the lace swaps that gave them that perfect finishing touch.

(source: @russellpayton_)

Luxury Leather Laces and logos go hand in hand, making them the obvious choice for these Louis Vuitton logo covered Air Force 1 customs by @russellpayton_. To keep the focus on the lavender and lilac color palette, White Luxury Leather Laces are a great choice. The white matches the soles, while not distracting from the overall design.

LacesWhite Luxury Leather Laces

Suggested size: 54"⁠

(source: @mcvsso)

Whenever you think of Lakers you think of the classic yellow and purple. And whenever you think of Lakers you think of Kobe Bryant. This custom pair of sneakers by @mcvsso pay tribute to Kobe and the Mamba Mentality in that timeless yellow and purple. For the lace swap @mcvsso choose the Grey/Black Rope Laces⁠ to pick up on the black details.

LacesGrey/Black Rope Laces

(source: @scrawnyjohny82)

For customs so nice they needed a lace swap twice check out this pair by ⁠@scrawnyjohny82. The black and purple design gets an added dose of neon with Neon Orange & Neon Green Off-white style "Shoelaces"⁠.

Laces: Neon Orange & Neon Green Off-white style "Shoelaces"⁠

Suggested size: 54"⁠

(source: @absnce_)

These customs by ⁠@absnce_ take the black and purple even further, with a black, lilac and deep purple color palette. Different textures, including the Black Luxury Leather⁠ Laces, give these customs a style all their own.

Laces: Black Luxury Leather⁠ Laces

Suggested size: 63"⁠

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Sizing Chart

Lace Lab Sizing Chart*

Number of Eyelets Lace Length
3 Eyelets 30 Inches
4 Eyelets 36 Inches
5-6 Eyelets 45 Inches
6-7 Eyelets 54 Inches
7-8 Eyelets 63 Inches

 *Sizing varies from shoe to shoe. Please use this chart as a rough estimate. For best results, please measure the length of your original laces. If you are between two sizes using our chart, we recommend choosing the shorter length for most applications.