From sweet treats to vibrant colorways, customizers this July showed a variety of ways that the right lace swap can give that special pair the finishing touch that it needs. Here are some stand out customs from the past month and the laces that took them to next level.

(source: @colormefresh)

Simpsons donut themed Jordan 1's? A match made in Springfield. From the insole to the laces @colormefresh has created a sprinkle covered pair Homer would love to get his hands on. For a pair this delicious it takes not one but two different laces in Pink and University Blue Luxury Leather⁠.

LacesPinkUniversity Blue Luxury Leather⁠

Size: 63"⁠


@jsm_801_customs gives a classic a fresh new colorway, combining rich dark blue, off white and tan leather. For such a classic pair the Sail Jordan 1 Replacement⁠ is the obvious choice. The recommended size for this pair is 63"- 72"⁠.

Laces: Sail Jordan 1 Replacement⁠

Size: 63"- 72"⁠

(source: @customlitkicks.byd)

⁠If you feel like the summer heat has you melting @customlitkicks.byd has the customs to show how you feel. With a pink and yellow dripping swoosh and red, blue and lilac uppers Lilac Flat Laces⁠ are the perfect pairing. The suggested length for these is 54".

Laces: Lilac Flat Laces⁠

Size: 54"⁠

(source: @customastros)

@customastros keeps things bright with a winning neon green and purple combination. Volt Shoe Laces are the ideal match for this neon bright swoosh. The recommended length for this lace swap is 54"⁠.

LacesVolt Shoe Laces

Size: 54"⁠

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