From Jordans to cleats, September customs have a little something for everyone as well close out the summer. Check out these inspiring custom designs and the lace swaps that take them to the next level.

(source: @afrokickz)

A vibrant pattern calls for the perfect lace swap, like the rich color and look of the Burgundy Luxury Leather Laces⁠ on this lace swap. These Jordans by @afrokickz let the pattern take center stage, while leaving the rest of the shoe white, with the exception of some matching teal detailing on the midsole.

Laces: Burgundy Luxury Leather⁠ Laces
Suggested size: 54"⁠

(source: @absnce_)⁠

Pink on the brain? These custom Air Jordans in iridescent pink by @absnce_ have you covered. With a pink gradient on the uppers and pink swoosh, these Jordans have a one of a kind look. A Silver Luxury Leather⁠⁠ lace swap adds to the shine, while not competing with the pink.

Laces: Silver Luxury Leather⁠ Laces
Suggested size: 54"⁠

(source: @arts_undefined)

When it comes to lace swaps don't forget your cleats. Custom cleats aren't complete without the right lace swap, and this pair by @arts_undefined finds it's perfect laces with some White Off-white style "Shoelaces"⁠.⁠

Laces: White Off-white style "Shoelaces"⁠

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