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Five Years of Flyknit

March 02, 2017

Sneaker trends come and go, and in a five year span, thousands of models flood the market. To withstand five years, with online hype pulling consumers in so many different directions, you have to create a particularly special product. For the designers at Nike, creating a lasting shoe is part of the business with some models ranging back 30 and 40 years. The Flyknit Racer, one of the sportswear giant's recently releases, has survived the hype cycle to take it's place with the greats.

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Technology has been the driving force The initial buzz behind the Flyknit Race was driven by an inventive new technology and crisp design. The silhouette  In February 2012, Nike released what was groundbreaking sneaker technology at the time—the Flyknit. When the Flyknit was first released, the idea was to redefine how materials are sourced and utilized in performance footwear.

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Essentially, the Flyknit was made to cut down on the materials used by creating a singular one piece upper. The mesh upper is engineered to a precise measurement, specific for a snug "second skin" fit ideal for runners. 

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While the Flyknit Racer has been a mainstay for runners, both of the casual and marathon variety, the design element has since made these a great model for sneaker heads. And of course we have laces for the sartorially inclined. Lace Lab's 45inch rope laces are the perfect size for Flyknit Racers. We've seen our 3M Rope Laces on Flyknits and they look clean, so if you swap them out, tag us at#lacelab.

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