Get the Glow

The right lace swap is all about making your favorite pair of sneakers stand out and what better way than with a little shine? Reflective laces take some of your favorite lace styles and add some shine that is sure to catch the light. Glow in the dark laces takes things one step further, with a look that says 'regular laces by day' but give you a bright, neon glow at night.

Day or night, you're sure to make a statement with any of the reflective laces at Lace Lab. Check out some of our favorites and find the perfect laces for your next night out.

Static V2 Reflective Rope Laces

These Static V2 Reflective Rope Laces make an ideal lace swap choice for your adidas Ultra or Yeezy Boosts. Rope laces have a modern look, perfect for the latest sneaker styles. This Lace Lab exclusive comes with reflective elements woven in, designed to catch the light. The color looks white and grey during the day, but when it gets dark these laces show off a reflective touch.

Laces: Static V2 Reflective Rope Laces

Glow in the Dark 3M Reflective Rope Laces

Looking for a pair that's reflective and has some glow? Get a similar look and some added shine with a pair of Glow in the Dark 3M Reflective Rope Laces. What looks white in sunlight gives you that glow in the dark green at night. Add these to your running shoes for your next after-dark run or some style to your favorite sneakers on your next night out.

Laces: Glow in the Dark 3M Reflective Rope Laces

Volt 3M Reflective Rope Laces 

For that neon glow, night or day, get a pair of Volt 3M Reflective Rope Laces. Volt is a quick way to add some bright yellow and green color to new sneakers or a pair of customs. At night the reflective elements in grey give off some gleam, making sure that these laces pop in daylight and at night. 

Laces: Volt 3M Reflective Rope Laces

Cove Blue - Reflective Flat Laces 2.0

Flat laces are getting in on the reflective look too, like these Reflective Flat Laces 2.0 in Cove Blue. These add some color to your sneakers during the day and help them stand out at night. Get that classic flat laces look, with some added sparkle.

Laces: Reflective Flat Laces 2.0 in Cove Blue

Reflective Cylinder Aglets

Laces aren't the only way to add some reflective flare to your sneakers. Reflective Cylinder Aglets in silver can also give your Yeezys some shine. A special, reflective coating gives these metal-plated aglets their sheen. Adding these aglets is easy, simply put a drop of super glue inside and add to the ends of your favorite laces. Once they're dry you've got a new look for your laces and your sneakers.

Laces: Reflective Cylinder Aglets

For regular laces by day, with reflective powers at night try any of these laces and find all the laces you need at Lace Lab. Also, be sure to check out the latest Lace Lab lace swaps on Instagram.