Halloween for Sneakerheads

Tomorrow is Halloween. For 18+ crowd, it’s a time to dress up, stunt on your friends, and get a little bit wild. For the avid sneakerhead, here are some last minute costumes that are fairly DIY and you can still incorporate some of your favorite day to day items.

The Sneaker Reseller

(Source: sneakerbardetroit.com)

Probably the scariest sneaker related thing in 2016—a reseller.  Somewhere between a mad scientist/ruthless business owner is your average reseller. They either cooked up an insane bots, or paid someone to code one, and figured out how to buy out limited stock releases, basically changing the landscape of how sneakers can be acquired. While not necessarily bad the reseller could control the supply of the sneaker you wanted the most, selling them at an insanely marked up premium—that’s terrifying. For this outfit, you basically need are some empty shoe boxes, a stack of bills (fake? Not fake?), a couple cell phones, and maybe some sweat shorts?

The Die Hard Yeezy Fan

(Source: dailymail.co.uk)

Another good outfit, the Yeezy fan. 2016 has been a big year for Kanye's Yeezy brand. From the still hot Boost 350 to the Jedi/post-apocalyptic look he made popular, he’s basically dominated in all creative outputs. So what better way to stay on trend then dress like the legions of zombie like fans waiting outside of the Pablo stores. All you need is an oversized sweater/tunic thing in some various shade of tan/brown/sand or an XXL Pablo jacket, ripped jeans, any sneaker or boot that has the Yeezy stamp of approval, and your iPhone. When the Yeezy-pocalypse hits, you’ll fit right in.

Kanye's Massive Personal Debt

(Source: vanityfair.com)

Speaking of scary Kanye-related things. You could go as his $53 million dollar personal debt. What exactly that looks like is up to your imagination. A bunch of unsold Yeezy Season 3 items? Shopping bags? Receipts for crazy purchases? A shirt with a -$53,000,000 on it in Sharpie? Your only limit is your imagination.

The Old Brad Hall

(Source: SI.com)

The super dry, super awkward sneaker reviewer Brad Hall was recently outed to the world to be an actor/writer by the name of Ben Kobold. What does this mean for Brad Hall’s career as the formative expert on sneaker unboxing? Who knows, but why not pay homage to the Brad Hall of videos past with a Halloween outfit? This one’s fairly simple—a button up, slacks, wire frame glasses, the type of  haircut your mom would give you, and your favorite pair of sneakers.

Drake's (Alleged) Ghostwrier

For the really clever, you can be Drake’s (alleged) ghostwriter. What does that look like? Who knows! It could be anyone, maybe even you.

There you have it fam, a few last minute options. We want to see what you come up with this Halloween, so tag #lacelab in your pics. And if you haven't checked yet, we're having a 20% off sale now through tomorrow night (11PM EST).