High Strung

What better way to show off your laces than with a pair of high tops? Since they call for longer laces, usually between 63"- 72" long⁠, you can be sure your laces will stand out. Here's some inspiration for your own high top lace swap.

(source: @juliecaballero)

With a fresh orange, cream and black colorway, ⁠Jordan 1 replacement⁠ laces in sail are the obvious choice. The off white color matches the uppers for a consistent and classic look. Try laces 63"-72" in length for your own lace swap.

Laces: Sail Jordan 1 Replacement⁠ Laces
Size: 63"- 72"⁠


(source: Lace Lab)

Luxury Leather Laces in Pink are the perfect way to give your Jordans an upgrade. The pink laces on this pair pick up the accent on the swoosh, while the leather laces match the leather uppers. For your own lace swap the suggested lace length is 63".

Laces: Pink Luxury Leather⁠ Laces
Size: 63"⁠

(source: @quonitoabsnce_)

These custom sneakers and lac⁠e swap by @quonitoabsnce_ also use Luxury Leather Laces, this time in black to create a sleek, modern look. Here instead of using laces as a way to add color, the black laces help the royal blue to stand out. The suggested lace length is 63".

Laces: Black Luxury Leather⁠ Laces
Suggested size: 63"⁠

(source: Lace Lab)

Putting a bold spin on an already bold pair of Off-Whites, reviewer Saif Najir⁠ uses Neon Green Off-white style "Shoelaces"⁠ to really make sure they stand out. The neon green and bright blue color combination can't be beat. The recommended lace length for these Off-Whites is 63".

Laces: Neon Green Off-white style "Shoelaces"⁠
Size: 63"⁠

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