Holiday hues

With the holidays fast approaching, what could be more festive than a red lace swap? Whether you need Rope Laces or Jordan 1 Replacement Laces, Lace Lab has the laces in just the red you're looking for. Find the perfect red to match the logo on your Jordans or add some red laces to all-red uppers for a monochromatic look. Check out these red lace swaps and let them inspire your own this holiday season and all year long.

Jordan Replacement Laces aren't just for your classic sneakers, they're also perfect for making the latest releases your own, like this latest "Lost & Found" release. Jordan Replacement Laces in red match the uppers and the tag on the tongue while keeping that classic Jordan look. These laces give this pair that added touch of red to help make sure that red dominates this pair.

Laces: Red Jordan Replacement Laces

For some tonal red on red, try a pair of Red 3M Reflective Rope Laces for all red uppers. Reflective elements woven into these laces add some shine at night and look grey during the day, while the red adds some color. The grey and red combination on the laces is perfect for matching the red uppers and grey swoosh. Rope laces make a great choice for more contemporary-looking sneakers like this pair.

Laces: Red 3M Reflective Rope Laces

The Air Jordan 11 is known for its modern styling, with undulating lines and rounded edges that set these Jordans apart. That makes a pair of Red - XI Laces the obvious choice for a lace swap, with a bold, thicker weight that matches the look of Jordan 11s perfectly, these are the perfect replacement laces. On this mostly white pair red laces pick up the classic Jordan red on the logo and detailing.

Laces: Red - XI Laces

With all red uppers, like on these Air Jordan 6s, sometimes it's best to stick with the theme, making Red Flat Laces a classic choice. Such a dynamic design calls for laces that don't draw a lot of attention, and flat laces have that versatile, timeless laces look that works on any pair of Jordans or almost any sneakers. Add flat laces to any pair where you want to make sure the design stands out.

Laces: Red Flat Laces

There's no better way to mix up some fresh, winter-white uppers than with a red lace swap, and Red Luxury Leather Laces⁠ are the perfect choice for creating a high-end look. These leather laces match your leather uppers while adding some color. Eyelets in gold, silver, and gunmetal add a little shine as well. These laces are an easy way to elevate any sneaker, from new releases to custom sneakers.

Laces: Red Luxury Leather Laces⁠

Find all the laces you need this holiday season, whether it's as a gift or something for yourself, at Lace Lab. Make sure to follow Lace Lab on Instagram for the latest lace swaps and releases.