It Doesn't Take Much - Check Out How a Lace Swap Can Transform a Pair of Kicks

There's nothing wrong with wearing a stock pair of shoes straight out of the box. But some people choose to customize their kicks so that they know they have a one-of-a-kind pair.

Whether you're wearing a pair of stock shoes or a pair of customs, a simple lace swap can be enough to take them to the next level. Check out these simple lace swaps for some inspiration.

Gold/Black Jordan 1 Lace Swap

(source: @native_kicks)

Some colorways are nearly perfect as is -- no need to make any custom designs. But you can still swap out the stock laces to switch things up.

That's what @native_kicks did with these black and gold 1s. Swapping the stock laces out for some white and gold leather laces is the perfect way to compliment this clean colorway.

Ultra Boost Off-White Lace Swap

(source: @iggyskicks⁣)

Customs artist @iggyskicks swapped out the stock laces one these UltraBoosts with a pair of purple Off-White style laces. This pair is using 63" laces.

UltraBoosts are easily one of the most popular pairs of running shoes on the market. An easy lace swap like this is a great way to make sure yours stand out.

Vinsanity Yeezys

(source: @sierato)

Vince Carter -- one of the best to ever do it. @sierato designed this pair of Yeezys dedicated to the Vinsanity era in  Toronto.

If the design itself wasn't good enough, he topped off the design by swapping out the stock laces with a pair of black reflective rope laces. You can pick a pair of these laces in size 45" for your pair of Yeezys.

Mint Air Max 270 Lace Swap

(source: @lacelab)

Most shoes come stock with a pair of white or black laces. Simple can be better, but, sometimes, a quick lace swap can complete the colorway.

These Air Max 270s in mint, white, and black, are the perfect example. Swapping out the stock laces with a pair of mint and black rope laces took this pair of 270s up a level without having to make any detailed customizations.

Gold and Black 11s

(source: @customicasso)

Finding a good pair of laces to throw on a pair of 11s can be a little harder than most pairs of shoes. We make laces particularly for Jordan 11s to make this easier.

Check out these gold and black 11s with a custom black lace swap topped off with gold Yeezy-style aglets. It's the perfect way to complete the colorway. For low-tops, grab the 45" laces, and pick up the 54" laces for mid/high-tops.

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