Jordan 1 Lace Swap Inspo

As many different silhouettes, colorways, and models of Jordans there are, the Jordan 1 remains one of the most iconic sneakers of all time. With a classic design and a variety of colorways, the Jordan 1 can fit with anyone's style or preferences. However, a lot of people choose to take it a step further and customize these classic shoes with a custom lace swap. If you want to make your Jordan 1s truly stand out, take a look at these lace swaps for some inspiration.
Green Jordan Lace Swap
(source: @lacelab)
With Kyrie and Gordon Hayward back on the court, the Celtics are primed to have one of their most exciting seasons in years. With a potential finals run on the horizon, many Celtics fans are more enthusiastic than ever. If you're one of these dedicated fans, you can show your support with a green luxury leather lace swap.
Lakers Lace Swap
(source: @lacelab)
We can't mention the Celtics without talking about their biggest rival, the Lakers. With a talented young roster and LeBron's arrival over the offseason, the Lakers are back as one of the premier teams in the NBA. Our yellow and purple luxury leather laces are a great way to show your support for the new Lakers.
White & Blue
(source: @designogger)
As @designogger shows here, you can't grow wrong with the classic blue on white colorway. Our white leather laces go perfectly with this colorway and complete one of the cleanest Jordan 1 colorways of all time. After all, sometimes the best way to stand out is to blend in.
Silver Surfer
(source: @hippocustoms)
Unfortunately, this Jordan 1 colorway isn't available to the general public. @hippocustoms designed and painted these colorways on his own. However, this artist completed this tied together this custom colorway with a pair of silver luxury leather laces. Even though you might not be able to get your hands on this pair of 1s, hopefully, this shows you how you can customize your own pair to make them truly yours.
Christmas Customs
Last up, we have another custom colorway by @lovekattylenoir. These customs might be better suited for Christmas than Halloween, but they definitely showcase how a good lace swap can tie a shoe together. Our gold leather laces can be used to create a similar look.
If you want to swap the laces on your pair of Jordan 1s, we recommend 63" laces for the best fit possible. Remember to follow our Instagram account for more custom lace swap inspiration.