Jordan 1 Replacement Laces Swaps

It's easy to see why the Jordan 1 Replacement Laces are a best seller. These laces have a classic look that works just as well on a pair of Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars as they do on a pair of Jordans. They also come in a wide variety of colors, making it easy to create the look you want with your lace swap.

Check out these Jordan 1 Replacement Lace swaps to get ideas for your own.

(source: @ohmy_jayskye)

@ohmy_jayskye shows that mochas aren't just for drinking with this Mocha Jordan 1 Replacement Lace swap. ⁠These neutral laces match the suede detailing and add some earth tones to this otherwise black and white pair. 63" - 72" is the suggested length for this lace swap.

Laces: Mocha Jordan 1 Replacement Lace

Suggested size: 63"- 72"⁠

If you find it hard to pick one color, a pair of Cream/Black Union Jordan 1 Replacement Shoelaces is the way to go. With cream on the ends and black in the middle, it's an easy way to create a two-tone look.

Laces: Cream/Black Union Jordan 1 Replacement Shoelaces

(source: @kicksbyn8)

Of course nothing looks more classic, or more fresh, than a pair of Sail Jordan 1 Replacement⁠ Laces. This cream color is a versatile choice that looks just as great with a new release or as they do on a vintage pair. For this lace swap we recommended going with 63" - 72".

Laces: Sail Jordan 1 Replacement⁠ Laces

Suggested size: 63"- 72"⁠

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