Lace Lab Best Seller Spotlight

With December just around the corner it's time to start thinking about holiday shopping. Laces make a perfect stocking stuffer or secret Santa gift for any sneaker fan. Check out these Lace Lab best sellers for this holiday season.

Jordan 1 Replacement Shoe Laces are a classic for a reason. These versatile laces look just as good on your Jordans as they do on a pair of Converse All-Stars. What sets them apart is the variety of colors that allow you to coordinate, match or even clash with your favorite pair of sneakers. Try a pair of Pink Jordan 1 Replacement Shoe Laces like the ones above for a hit of color.

Rope Lace also give you a variety of options with a more distinctive look.  From solid colors to two tone options, there are also reflective and glow in the dark choices that make your lace swap even more unique. Try a pair like the Black 3M Reflective Rope Laces above for a sleek look with your black sneakers.

If you're looking to play with texture in your lace swap check out Waxed Shoe Laces. Create an interesting contrast with leather or canvas sneakers with these waxed laces. Coming in black, white, blue and red, these laces allow you to add color or make a more subtle statement.

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