Lace Swaps: August 2022

With summer wrapping up it seems like everyone has soaking the last golden days of summer up on their minds and you could certainly tell from all the August lace swaps. From solid gold to sunny yellow, new releases to the latest customs got that golden touch, sometimes with the help of a new pair of laces. Find the perfect laces for your all gold sneakers or add some sunny color with the perfect yellow lace swap. Check out the best golden lace swaps this month.

(source: @moonlit.customs)

@moonlit.customs found inspiration for these Gold Dust Air Jordan 1s from a similar pair created by @brandidevers for @djkhaled and just one look at these all gold show stoppers tells you why. Black soles and a black tongue help keep the focus on the gold uppers. Black laces are the perfect choice to match the color on the tongue and Jordan 1 Replacement Laces are the clear choice. The laces give these Air Jordans that classic look and don't distract from the over the top design.

Laces: Black Jordan 1 Replacement Laces

(source: @graythingsmx)

From high style to street style Louis Vuitton has been inspiring the fashion world for over a hundred years. These Louis Vuitton inspired customs by @graythingsmx are a perfect example of how those two worlds meet, with a playful, cartoon take on the classic logo in a rainbow of colors. A gold swoosh gives the finishing Nike touch and it makes perfect sense to add a gold lace swap to match with a pair of Gold Jordan 1 Replacement Laces.

Laces: Gold Jordan 1 Replacement Laces

(source: @paintedbyrizo)

@paintedbyrizo adds a sunny yellow lace swap with these Rams themed Jordan 1s in yellow, white and blue. Complete with an ombré swoosh, this custom pair picks up the yellow on the swoosh with a pair of Yellow Luxury Leather Laces and keeps the color palette clean and focused, while keeping the uppers all in one material for a cohesive look.

Laces: Yellow Luxury Leather Laces

(source: @mitchkawellcustoms)

@mitchkawellcustoms shows with these latest customs that Wisconsin is about more than just's also all about Green Bay with this Packers inspired custom. A hole covered, Swiss cheese style swoosh in yellow combines Wisconsin's two favorite things. A Maize Shoe Lace swap gives these customs the perfect finishing touch.

Laces: Maize Shoe Lace

(source: @randmdesigncustoms)

Green Bay wasn't the only team getting some golden yellow love this month. @randmdesigncustoms came out with Nuggets customs in gold and navy for all those Denver basketball fans. A Gold Shoe Lace swap stays on theme and adds to the bold look in dark blue, red and rich yellow.

Laces: Gold Shoe Lace

Summer is almost over, but it's not too late to do your own yellow lace swap. Find all the laces you need for your own lace swaps at Lace Lab. To see even more great lace swaps like these make sure to follow us on Instagram so you can get inspired for your own.