Lace swaps ran the gamut this month, whether they took inspiration from Valentine's Day or kept it classic with a tone-on-tone look. Whether you're considering Rope Laces or upping your game with some Luxury Leather Laces, here are the best lace swaps this month to steal some ideas from.

All white with a touch of Valentine's red? This pair has it. Luxury Leather Laces in red to match the Nike Air logo is the obvious choice and adds some bold color. Leather laces are a great choice to match leather uppers and up your game from basic laces.

Laces: Luxury Leather Laces in red

Going for the gold is easy with these Air Max 97. The finishing touch are some White/Metallic Gold V2.0 Rope Laces that give you a little more reflective gold and pick up the white from the midsoles for a fresh look.

Laces: White/Metallic Gold V2.0 Rope Laces

These grey on grey Yeezy 500s call for a tone-on-tone lace swap of its own. That's why Black/White Rope Laces are the perfect choice, bringing some texture without adding contrast. Round rope laces also keep with the modern look of this pair.

Laces: Black/White Rope Laces

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