From the latest Bad Bunny collaboration to a fresh pair of Jordan 3s, June gave us some stylish lace swaps to start off the summer. Check out the latest lace swaps below and pick up some of your own laces.

These Bad Bunny adidas Forum Black are given a reflective touch with a Black Reflective Flat lace swap. These laces are the perfect choice for these grey on black adidas Forums as they stay in the same color palette, while adding some shine with the reflective element.

Laces: Black Reflective Flat

If you're looking to add a little color check out the hit of orange a Flaming Orange Flat lace swap gives these white, grey and black Blazers. This lace swap puts a fun, fresh twist on a shoe that has a vintage look.

Laces: Flaming Orange Flat

The Jordan 3 is a classic, which is why it makes perfect sense to match your lace swap to that instantly recognizable logo. This Red Jordan Replacement lace swap does just that with that classic red, giving these mostly white Jordans a touch more color.

Laces: Red Jordan Replacement

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