Laces, the Best Way

People often ask if there is a right way to style something. Take a pair of sneakers for example, when you're customizing say a pair of Air Jordan 1's or adidas NMD's, what is the best color way? The answer of the right way to paint them is going to differ from person to person.

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The same can be said for swapping out laces. What laces look best with which shoe? That's also going to depend on who you ask. We specifically make laces for certain shoes, so that's often going in the right direction.

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Take for instance our SB laces—those were made specifically for SB Dunks and Foamposites. The best way to change up your shoe, if it's an SB Dunk or a Foamposite, would be to pick up a pair of these laces. That isn't to say another lace might not look good on them, but they just might not work overall.


Lately, we've been seeing all kinds of different pairs adidas runners on the #lacelab thread. There's no hard and fast rules for how to make an adidas runner look better, but here's what has been trending lately: Rope Laces.

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Our rope laces are the best looking ones on the market, and adidas has been putting out model after model of high tech runners, so they basically go hand in hand. Take this pair of AlphaBounce runners that @jun1136 switched up.

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The Aramis Core Black color scheme works out perfectly with our Black/White Rope Lace; this is because the weave on the lace is similar to the pattern on the fused mesh upper. In general, mesh uppers go well with multicolor and inverse rope laces.

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So whatever your personal style is, there is no best way to do it. But whatever you can think of, regardless of your personal style, Lace Lab always has something cooking for you.