Maximum Voltage

Looking for a lace swap that will increase the voltage on your favorite pair of sneakers? The answer is Volt 3M Inverse Rope⁠ Laces. Coming in bright neon with reflective technology woven into the laces, there's no choice but to stand out with this pair. Here are three Volt 3M Inverse Rope⁠ Lace swaps to show you how it's done.

(source: Lace Labs)

These Yeezys get an unexpected boost from a pair of Volt 3M Inverse Rope⁠ Lace. Only Volt 3M Inverse Rope⁠ Laces can stand up to the graphic design of this grey, blue and orange pair. The suggested lace size for this lace swap is 45"⁠.

(source: @playboytravy)

With bright accents on this pair of Air Jordan 4s Volt 3M Inverse Rope⁠ Laces are the obvious choice. The neon color helps these tone on tone grey sneakers stand out in the crowd. The suggested size for this lace swap is 54"⁠.

(source: @mark_brg_bello)

What better choice for a lace swap on these bright Yeezys than matching Volt 3M Inverse Rope⁠ Laces? Any other laces would fade to the background, but with this lace swap you're sure to have laces that compliment this bold pair. The suggested size for this lace swap is 45"⁠.

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