New Product Showcase

We're constantly trying to come out with new and exciting products to help you get more creative when it comes to your lace swaps and custom sneakers. Here are some of our latest releases, and a little bit of inspiration for how they can be used.

Our new Japanese Katakana laces come in black and white. These laces can be paired with almost any colorway and are perfect on most Adidas Boosts and NMDs. Check out this swap by @valdy101 to see how versatile these laces can be.

Some new additions to our line of luxury leather laces provide you with more options when you're looking for the perfect laces. We find these laces go particularly well on most Jordans, as showcased with these all-white 1s.

Some new styles that we've added to our selection of aglets make it easier to add your own touch to your customs. Putting on these aglets only takes a couple drops of superglue which is included with every order.

Lastly, we've re-upped on some of our most popular rope laces, such as white, red,  navy, and blue. These rope laces are perfect for replacing the stock laces on most running shoes like Yeezys, Boosts, NMDs, and more. Check out this Yeezy lace swap by @solekicks26 for some inspiration.


If you want to check out the rest of our new products releases, which includes more laces, aglets, and merch, head over to our website and take a look.