New Year New Laces

The New Year is finally here, and it's now time to start planning out your look for 2023. From colors that match any outfit to styles that will make you stand out from the crowd, lace lab laces have something for everyone. Let's take a look at some of the lace products that can take your shoe game to the next level this year.

Sail Jordan 1 Replacement Laces

Give your shoes a timeless look with Sail Jordan Replacement laces! These clean, classic laces will bring life back into any shoe and are the perfect alternative to standard white laces. These versatile laces provide the perfect way to refresh your kicks without having to go full-on white!

Nike Jordan 1 with Sail Lace Lab Laces


Grey/Black Rope Laces

The perfect laces for your runners, these rope laces look great on literally every color shoe. There’s just enough grey in the pattern to stand out against even your all-black kicks. Super-strong but lightweight, Lace Lab Rope Laces can hang with you through all of life’s adventures. Whether you’re running a marathon or just hanging out with friends, these Black/Grey Rope Laces are the perfect companion for keeping your shoes laced up and looking great.

Grey and Black Lace Lab Rope Laces on Adidas Running shoes


Luxury Leather Laces

You are guaranteed to add an extra touch of class and sophistication to all your looks with these Leather Laces. Whether you're heading off to class, the office, a dressy evening out, or simply want to stand out in your morning Econ class – our leather laces will get you there looking that much more luxurious. Available in 20 colors with multiple metal aglet options, you can tailor these laces to look great on any shoe in your closet.

Luxury Leather Laces on Nike Air Jordan 1


Volt Jordan 1 Replacement Laces

That guy or gal you’re interested in still not noticed you? Well, say goodbye to blending in and stand way out with these vibrant, impossible-to-miss shoelaces. Throw these on any shoes and you are sure to turn some heads everywhere you go.

Volt Jordan 1 Replacement Laces
(Credit: Abram M. - Verified Buyer)

No New Year’s resolution is easier than committing to keeping your kicks looking fresh and unique with some new Lace Lab shoelaces. Stick with classic colors and styles for a look that will never go out of style, or try something new and make sure you stand out. The choice is yours. Happy New Year!