Nike Air Force 1 Replacement Laces

The Nike Air Force 1 is hands-down one of the most customizable shoes of all time thanks to its simple silhouette and color scheme -- it's the perfect blank canvas for a custom design.

If you want to take your custom Air Forces to another level, swapping out the laces with a fresh pair of replacement laces that match your design is a great way to do so.

Check out some great AF1 lace swaps below to get some ideas for your own customs.

Louis Vuitton AF1

(source: @braggs_splashllc)

Artist @braggs_splashllc designed these custom Louis Vuitton x AF1s, featuring a solid brown leather base with LV's classic gold branding making up the rest of the design.

To top things off, the artist swapped out the stock laces for a pair of matching 54" brown leather laces with gold aglets.

Bape Shark Air Force 1s

(source: @jarcustoms)

Sometimes, subtle lace swaps are the best way to elevate your customs.

@jarcustoms used a pair of flat black laces to complement these custom AF1s, which feature a black base, a clean Bape camo pattern, and a Bape shark Swoosh to finish things off.

Pink Bape Camo Air Force 1

(source: @lacustomz_)

Custom sneaker artist @lacustomz_ created their own take on the Bape x AF1 -- this one featuring a pink Bape camo pattern on the toe box and mid panel with matching pink heel tabs.

Swapping out the laces for a pair of silver luxury leather laces is the perfect way to tie together these unique customs.

Flintstones Air Force 1

(source: @colormefresh⁠)

Everyone's favorite prehistoric family serves as the inspiration for this next pair of custom Forces.

These Flintsontes-inspired AF1s feature a color scheme modeled after Fred Flintsonte's classic costume, including a pair of mint flat laces to match the character's tie and complete the design.

Chunky Dunky Air Force 1

(source: @russellpayton⁠)

Missed out on the exclusive Chunky Dunky release? It might be time to take matters into your own hands.

Artist @russellpayto designed these customs, which take the design from the Chunk Dunky SBs and transplant it onto a pair (well, several pairs) of Air Force 1s.

To finish the custom design, the artist upgraded the stock laces to a pair of white leather laces.

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