Nike Dunk Low Lace Swaps

From custom sneakers to the latest releases, how do you keep your Nike Dunks looking fresh for fall? With a light and breezy Nike Dunk Replacement Laces swap of course! Nike Dunk Replacement Laces have the exact same look and feel as the original, making them the obvious choice for a Dunks refresh. 

While there is a rainbow of colors to choose from when it comes to Nike Dunk Replacement Laces, here are some lighter-toned lace swaps to keep your favorite Nike sneakers looking fresh. Check out these Dunk lace swaps and let them inspire your own.

While this pair originally came with some tan laces to match the uppers, here a Sail Dunk Replacement Shoelaces swap picks up the vintage, off-white tone of the midsoles. Lighter laces give these sneakers a lighter touch and help break up the all-over tan on the uppers for a fresher look. Sail Dunk Replacement Shoelaces are the perfect lace swap choice for that vintage look.

Laces: Sail Dunk Replacement Shoelaces 

These Nike Dunk Low in black and white call for a crisp White Dunk Replacement Shoe Laces swap to keep this look cohesive. White laces are the perfect match for the white leather uppers and help keep up the contrast-heavy look intact. Grab a pair of white laces when your laces are no longer looking their best and you want to instantly make them look brand new.

Laces: White Dunk Replacement Shoe Laces

When you want your laces swap to add some color without taking over your entire shoe, try a Blush Pink Nike Dunk Replacement Shoelaces swap. This pair brings some pale pink to your dunks, perfect for when you want to mix things up. Give your sneakers a touch of spring, even in the fall.

Laces: Blush Pink Nike Dunk Replacement Shoelaces

Take your black and white Nike Dunk Lows in another direction by adding another tone with some Light Grey Dunk Replacement Laces. Light grey helps add some dimension, without straying too far from the black-and-white theme. 

Laces: Light Grey Dunk Replacement Laces

Any Michael Jordan fan knows that light blue, specifically this light blue, only means one thing and that's Jordan's alma mater the University of North Carolina. These Carolina Blue Dunk Replacement Shoelaces are the perfect choice when you want to show your Michael Jordan fandom and add some subtle blue with a lace swap.

Laces: Carolina Blue Dunk Replacement Shoelaces

Need help selecting the right length for your Low or High Dunks? Get 45" laces for your Nike Dunk Low GS or Women's Dunks. For your Nike Dunk Low Men's try 54" laces and for Nike Dunk High get a pair of 63" laces.

When your shoe laces get damaged or dirty, or you just want to change up your look, get some Nike Dunk Replacement Laces. Transform your Nike Dunks this fall with the perfect lace swap and find all the laces you need at Lace Lab. Also, be sure to check out Lace Lab on Instagram for the latest lace swaps.