Oreo Colors x Lace Lab

When it comes to sneakers, the Oreo color way is a classic. For the uninitiated, the Oreo color way, much like the cookie it’s named after is, is basically just a mix of black and white in some way, shape, or form. But as history has shown, when it comes to color schemes, sometimes simplicity like mixing two contrasting colors, is key to a lasting look.

Going back into sneaker history to 1999, an Air Jordan model seems to be one of the first sneakers to have the name Oreo attached to it. The Black/Black/Cool Grey Air Jordan IV were quickly nicknamed the ‘Oreo’ due to the color ways’ actual resemblance to the cookie with the black upper and sole with a splatter print mid. While most sneakers with the Oreo color way don’t look as much like the cookie as these IV’s did, the general idea came from this.


So not necessarily new in the grand scheme of sneaker colorways, the Oreo has taken flight in the post-Flyknit era of sneaker construction. With the one piece knit on the Flyknit upper, the intermixed black and white pattern fit perfectly with the overall construction of the shoe. While Nike made strides with this colorway, adidas was never far behind with their own version.

(Source: @__kendric__)

One the most recent use of the Oreo color way was on the Ultra Boost. As expected the Oreo color way brings a new life to the already clean aesthetic of the Ultra Boost. They seem to be a slightly more accessible answer to the Yeezy V2 Zebra that dropped late last month.

(Source: @bayudewanggap)

This begs the question though, does Nike have a lock on the Oreo color way? We’ll have to see how adidas uses it in the next coming months. Regardless of which company you’re gravitating towards when you need your Oreo fix, Lace Lab has premium sneaker laces to go with it. Our Black/White Rope Laces are a perfect match for the contrast you get with a pair of Oreo sneakers. Why not pick up a pair and tag us at #lacelab?