Get Paired Up

Mismatch or mix it up, laces don't have to be a matching pair to compliment each other. Here are three ideas for taking your laces beyond your average set.

(source: @richdixck)

In this Jordan 1 lace swap by @richdixck the laces do all the work for you. Coming in Blue and Black these Union Jordan 1 Replacement laces are Royal Blue near the lace tips and Black in the middle, creating a two-tone effect with one pair of laces. The suggested size for these is 63"- 72"⁠.

Put a spin on matching black and white Jordans with Mocha or Pink Jordan 1 replacement laces. They look great together or on their own and come in 45", 54", 63" & 72" in length⁠.

Mismatch more your style? Try rope laces in a Red/Black and Blue/Black combination. The suggested size for this lace swap is 30"⁠, but they also come in 36", 41", 45" and 54".

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