Red Lace Swaps: Endless Options

Looking to statement with your next lace swap! Whether you’re looking upgrade your Jordans, running shoes, or anything in between - one of our many Red Lace options is sure to get you there. Get creative with inspiration from some of our favorite red lace swaps below, then find the perfect set of red laces for your own pair.


Red Jordan 1 Replacement Laces

There’s no better option than Red Jordan 1 Replacement Laces when you just got your hands on some Jordans or other shoe that utilize flat laces and need to add a touch of red to really bring your new pair together. We love red, and unfortunately a lot of shoes with red accents only come with black or white laces. Get your hands on some red ones for a more colorful approach on your latest pickup.

Laces: Red Jordan 1 Replacement Laces


Lace Lab Red Luxury Leather Laces

Red Luxury Leather Laces are a guaranteed hit when tossed on some all white shoes such as these all white Jordan 1’s. They add just enough color to stand out, while elevating taking you up a level in class by upgrading from fabric to leather laces. Unique, durable, and easy to clean - Luxury Leather Laces are a no brainer.

Laces: Red Luxury Leather Laces


Lace Lab Red/3M Rope Laces

White laces on your red runners not doing it for you? We’ve got plenty of options when it comes to red rope laces. Maybe you run at night and want to stay visible, our Red/3M Reflective Rope Laces are the perfect mix of visibility and style. Being as reflective as possible not your thing? One of our other Red rope laces are sure to be your pick - we’ve got plenty more options ranging from bright Red and White laces all the ways to a more relaxed Burgundy and Grey Combination.

Laces: Red 3M Reflective Rope Laces


The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to swapping out footwear laces, and those are just some of our options! If you’re looking for an extra pop in your style and stand out from the crowd, take a look at our red lace options. Our variety of shades and sizes can match any shoe style - whether you want to upgrade your Jordans, running shoes, or even a pair of boots! Don’t forget that sometimes the most subtle changes can make the biggest difference.