Rope Laces Love

When it comes to lace swaps, rope laces can be a great way to create a new look. Whether you like your laces with a little metallic, in a solid or two tone, there's a rope lace for you.

When you're going for gold, like with these Air Max 97's, there's only one choice when it comes to a lace swap and that's a pair of White/Metallic Gold V2.0 Rope Laces.⁠ The white picks up the color of the midsole and the gold woven into the laces adds some shine to match the uppers. Gold Cylinder Aglets give this pair the perfect, metallic finishing touch.⁠

Jordan 11's in white with a touch of red on the logo? There's only once choice for the perfect lace swap that will pop and that's a pair of Red Rope Laces. Rope laces keep with the modern, rounded look of this pair and red brings out the classic Jordan logo.

These grey on grey Yeezy 500's demand a lace swap to match and that's where a pair of Black/White Rope Laces come in. These Yeezys use a variety of materials, from suede to leather to mesh to create interest, so a matching lace swap adds another element without adding the distraction of a color. The woven white and black combination on these laces gives the appearance of grey.

(source: @sneakerqueenscustoms)

Customs love a good lace swap too and these graduation celebration sneakers by @sneakerqueenscustoms⁠ are no exception. What to pair with white, black and gold? White/Metallic Gold v2.0 Laces of course, with white to match the uppers and gold to match that metallic swoosh.

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