Off-White "Shoe Laces" Swaps

American designer Virgil Abloh has started countless trends with the Off-White label. One of the easiest to make your own are these Off-White style laces that feature the easy to recognize "SHOELACES" printed on both sides. Here are three lace swaps to show how you can create your own Off-White look.

(source: @scrawnyjohny82)

One pair is not enough with this lace swap by @scrawnyjohny82. Off-White Style Shoelaces in Neon Orange and Neon Green really make this pair of Air Jordans stand out. Made using the highest quality materials, these laces are specially designed to match the stock laces from Nike's "The Ten" collaborations with Virgil Abloh. 

Suggested size: 63"⁠

(source: @2_much_paper_4_u)

While Bred may refer to black and red, this lace swap by @2_much_paper_4_u keeps these Breds mostly in the black with a pair of Black Off-White Style "Shoelaces". These laces give a classic style a new look.

Suggested size: 54"⁠
Red Air Force 1s are sure to grab your attention, especially with the addition of  Neon Orange Off-White Style "Shoelaces". This Nike lace swap b@caxskicks is just another way to give any pair of shoes the Off-White look.

Suggested size: 54"⁠

Off-White has collaborated with many companies, now create an Off-White inspired look of your own.

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