Starting October Off Right with These Lace Swaps

We love to see our customers get creative with their lace swaps. That's why we do our best to highlight as many of our favorites over on our Instagram page. However, in case you're not a follower (you really should be, though), we thought we'd put together a list of a few of our favorite lace swaps from the beginning of this month.

Gold Huaraches

(source: @chadcantcolor)

These incredible custom Huaraches were designed by artist @chadcantcolor and tied together with the perfect lace swap. Our new burgundy leather laces are the perfect compliment to this insane design.

Navy Blue NMDs

(source: @lacelab)

NMDs and UltraBoosts are two of the most versatile shoes when it comes to lace swapping. The clean colorways offer nearly unlimited options when choosing new laces. However, for this one, we decided to keep it simple. You just can't go wrong with our navy blue rope laces. We recommend 30" laces for NMDs.

Gamma Blue Yeezys

(source: @flowquacious)

Next up, custom artist @flowquacious brings us these clean gamma blue Yeezys capped off with our silver aglets. True, it's technically not a lace swap, but sometimes you just need that small extra touch to bring your customs together. These aglets come with everything you need and are super easy put on.

Charcoal Iniki

(source: @lacelab)

Our rope laces can be used on almost any Adidas running shoe to create a perfect and unique lace swap. These Inikis, for example, use our charcoal inverse reflective laces to complete this grey/white color scheme.

Mint NMDs

(source: @clone_dax)

This NMD lace swap by @clone_dax demonstrates once again how versatile NMDs can be. Our selection of rope laces is sure to have the perfect fit for whatever NMD colorway you have. These NMDs, in particular, rock our mint/black rope laces to complement this shoe's mint/white color scheme. Remember to grab the 30" laces for a perfect fit on your NMDs.

If you have a lace swap you want us to see, go ahead and tag us on Instagram. We do our best to check out all of the pictures our customers share with us.