The Jordan 4 Four Ways

First released in 1989, the Jordan 4 continued the Jordan tradition of marrying form and function with sneakers that could dominate on the court and look stylish on the street. The addition of straps on the eyelets make Jordan 4s easy to identify and perfect for a lace swap. Here are four lace swaps to consider for your own Jordan 4s.

Sometimes the simplest choice is the best choice, like these clean White Jordan 1 Replacement Laces on these Jordan 4s. The laces match the midsole and the fresh white gives a polished look to this pair.

Laces: White Jordan 1 Replacement Laces

Size: 54"-63"⁠

For these Jordan 4s in white with speckled grey accents a Light Grey Jordan 1 Replacement Lace swap makes perfect sense. These laces bring out the grey on the midsole and around the eyelets, without distracting from the predominately white uppers.

Laces: Light Grey Jordan 1 Replacement Laces

Size: 54"-63"⁠

The fourth of July is right around the corner and these all-American, denim Levis Jordan 4s are the perfect choice for America's birthday. A Red and White Waxed Flat⁠ lace swap is the obvious choice for this patriotic pair.

Laces: Red Waxed Flat Laces⁠ and White Waxed Flat Laces⁠

Size: 54"-63"⁠

(source: @astrotorfcustom)

For this double lace swap on these customs by @astrotorfcustom you get a Batman and Robin inspired dynamic duo. Charcoal Grey and Red Shoe Laces⁠ make the perfect pair to go with this Batman color scheme.

Laces: Charcoal Grey and Red Shoe Laces⁠

Size: 54"-63"⁠

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