Nike Dunk Replacement Laces

With its roots in basketball and eventually making an impact on the skateboarding world as well, the Nike Dunk has a long and storied history that's left a wide impact. A staple of the street style world, its well balanced color blocking on the uppers gives it the perfect blend of form and function.

Lace Lab has a rainbow of colors in Nike Dunk Replacement laces for the perfect lace swap. There are also Replacement laces in black, white, grey and off-white if you're interested in a more neutral lace swap. These Dunk Replacement Shoelaces feature the same look, feel, and measurements as the originals for a seamless match. Find your perfect match here.

Any Michael Jordan fan will appreciate these Nike Dunk Replacement Laces in Carolina Blue. These are the perfect lace swap for the UNC Dunk Lows or Coast Dunk Lows. The recommended lace length is 54" for the Nike Dunk Low and 63" for the Nike Dunk High. 45" also works well on the Nike Dunk Lows if you want the laces a little shorter.

A bold red lace swap with these Red Dunk Replacement Laces is an easy way to add some color to any pair. There are also orange, yellow, blue and green options for adding any color you want. 

While there are a variety of neutral colors to choose from, the Nike Dunk Replacement Laces in Sail are the ideal choice for a vintage look. The off-white color makes this a perfect choice for classic look.

Whether you're looking to replace an old pair of laces on your dunks or give your shoes a customized look, there's a Nike Dunk Replacement Lace for you at Lace Lab.