Triple Blacks

The line itself is fairly young, first debuting in February 2015, but the Ultra Boost has become a fan favorite in less than two years. Essentially, the Ultra Boost is considered to be a superior running shoe that crossed into the high fashion sneaker territory.

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It’s highly unlikely that you would see someone working out in something as coveted as the Triple White released earlier this year, but in theory, it would be great shoe to exercise in. What makes the Ultra Boost so technically advanced is the Boost technology developed with runners in mind, and the extremely lightweight Primeknit material.

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There have been multiple Boost releases since the model came out almost two years ago, but none of them have reached the mythical status that shrouds the Triple Black. What’s funny here is that even with all the hype, this sneaker regardless of how good it looks, has never been released. One reason this sneaker received so much attention is the fact that it keeps getting pushed back. Basic supply and demand theory comes into play here—the less of a product there is, the more people want it.

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That hype only grows when they can see how nice this specific product looks. Pictures of the Triple Black surfaced on line earlier this year, with reports that this was coming out “soon.” Soon was pushed back a few months, then a few more, and now that soon is apparently in December. We’ll see though.

The real question is, what laces would look best on these?