Upgrade Your Kicks With the Right Pair of Laces

Whether you're rocking a stock pair of shoes or your very own custom kicks, the right lace swap can take your sneakers to the next level.

It might not seem like such a small change can make such a big difference, but, if you're not convinced, take a look at how these lace swaps transform these pairs of shoes.

Jordan 1 Custom Laces
(source: @iokenwa)

The Jordan 1 is an all-time classic ⁠and is pretty hard to improve on, but a simple lace swap can make yours stand out.

These customs were made by @iokenwa, who used our Off-White-style laces to top things off. Grab a pair for yourself to upgrade your custom Jordan 1s.

Mulitcolor Jordan 1
(source: @chaseshiel⁠)

These customs, by @chaseshiel, feature an incredibly unique pale yellow, pink, and blue color scheme. Customs this clean deserve  a lace swap to match.

This artist chose to go with our pale yellow flat laces to tie together this innovative colorway.

Gold Lace Lock
(source: @lacelab)

If you're happy with your stock laces, you can still kick things up a notch with the right accessories.

These gold lace locks are the perfect way to add that final touch to any pair of deadstocks or customs.

Yeezy Lace Swap
(source: @bos.sneakerheads⁠)

Yeezys have a lot of great colorways, but some of them can be hard to find matching laces for.

For these Yeezy 350 V2s in Grey/Orange, @bos.sneakerheads grabbed a pair of our reflective rope laces to replace the stock laces.

Air Force 1 Gold Laces
(source: @lacelab)

Air Force 1s don't leave much room for improvement, but the right lace swap can make your pair stand out from the rest.

These gold luxury leather laces are the perfect way to add a more premium look to any shoe.

If you want to try out some of these swaps for yourself, make sure to check out our online store to find the perfect pair of laces for your kicks. And don't forget to follow Lace Lab on Instagram for more lace swaps like these.