Walking On Air

For as often as Nike relies on retro releases of their iconic models and reinterpretation of classic standbys, they are constantly pushing the envelope with their sneaker design. Pushing the envelope isn’t specific to aesthetic either, the footwear manufacturer has is constantly rethinking how technological advances can make a better sneaker. One of the most recent examples of Nike’s genre bending is their Nike Vapormax Flyknit, a truly innovative new direction in sneaker design.


On first look, the Vapormax is clearly the offspring of the Nike Air Max line. Like its predecessors, the Vapormax does not have the AIR technology inside the sole, a staple to the iconic line. The design is quite the opposite actually, and this is where Nike veers into new territories: the Vapormax sits on Air Max cushioning alone; the AIR bags themselves are the sole.

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Recently, Nike opened the doors to its Beaverton, OR AIR Manufacturing Innovation facility where these AIR bags are manufactured, inflated, and tested. With the Vapormax, Nike is using its proprietary technology and sizable war chest to take aim at adidas’ ever-popular Boost technology.


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Essentially, between the AIR bags and Flyknit upper, Nike created the closest thing to running on air possible. With the initial phase in this model off to a successful start, it’s clear that Nike will continue pushing the limits. In the long run, consumers of the sneaker head and runner variety are the benefactors. Did you score a pair of Vapormax’s? If so, we want to see them; tag us at #lacelab.

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