What Size Laces Do You Need?

The right lace swap can take any pair of customs to the next level, but it's important to make sure your laces fit right. Every pair of shoes is different, so we created a quick guide to show you what lengths work best for some of the most popular sneakers.

From Jordan 1s to NMDs, check out this guide to see what size laces you need for your pair of customs.

Lakers Jordan 1

It doesn't get much better than a pair of iconic Jordan 1s. Whether you're rocking a stock colorway or need a pair of laces to match your custom design, the right lace swap can take your 1s to the next level.

For Jordan 1s, we recommend 63" laces for a perfect fit. For the pair featured above, we swapped out the stock laces for some purple and yellow luxury leather laces to complete the classic Lakers colorway.

Red and Blue Adidas NMD 

NMDs still have one of the cleanest silhouettes in the Adidas lineup, and, from the classic colorways to the collaborations with Pharrell, there are countless color schemes to choose from.

If you want to swap out the stock laces on your NMDs, we recommend 30" laces for NMD_R1s and 36" laces for NMD_XR1s. Pictured above are our red/black and blue/black rope laces.

Red/Black Jordan 11

Jordan 11 laces can be a little bit harder to find than laces for your other sneakers, but that shouldn't stop you from upgrading our 11s with a lace swap.

Fortunately, we have an entire collection of laces dedicated to Jordan 11s. For lows, we suggest 45" laces. For high tops, go for the 54" laces.

UltraBoost Katakana Laces

Ultra Boosts are easily one of the most comfortable shoes on the market and have some incredibly clean colorways to top things off. 

If you need to grab a new pair of Ultra Boost laces, our 41" laces are the exact same size as the factory laces found on your Adidas Ultra Boosts. For uncaged Boosts, grab the 36" laces instead.

Black Yeezys

Some people might not want to mess with the clean, simple colorway on their Yeezys. But, if you want to make sure your Yeezys stand out, we've got you covered.

To swap out the laces on your Yeezys, grab any pair of our 45" rope laces. In the picture above, we used our black 3M reflective rope laces.

Didn't find the shoe you were looking for on this list?

Check out our shoelace size chart to find the perfect size for your sneakers. Keep in mind that every shoe is different, so this chart should be used as a rough estimate. For exact measurements, measure the length of your original laces. 

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