What's Up With Waxed Laces?

So we’ve been experimenting in Lab, and came up with something new—black waxed shoe laces.  You’re probably asking yourself, what’s the deal with these? What are waxed laces? Essentially, they’re shoelaces that are coated in a natural beeswax or paraffin-based wax. Waxing cotton and synthetics makes it highly water resistant, and when it comes to a pair of laces, getting them wet can impact the overall integrity of the product. Beyond the waterproof part, waxed laces maintain their form, and tend to stay tied longer. And if you’re not tying them, they won’t dangle around as much as regular laces. Basically, if you’re rocking a premium sneaker, these will look better than regular flat laces.

You’ve probably seen waxed shoelaces before on a pair of dress shoes. Picture the last time you went to a wedding, or had to wear dress shoes to a formal event—those strong little laces that you had to pull tight are your classic waxed laces. However, these tend to be thin, round, and incredibly short; not something you find on a pair of sneakers. This is why waxed laces for sneakers haven’t really been on the market for that long.

(Source: HiConsumption)

In the past few years, waxed laces have made something of a splash in more casual footwear. Think leather boots, not the workman kind, or Timbs for that matter, but a pair you might see on a dude in a coffee shop. These are probably made from good leather and they could take a beating if need be, but they air more on the side of casual. As leather boots gained popularity with the #menswear crowd, waxed laces give a pair that classic heritage look. Essentially, they were the added feature that said,” these boots are great for hiking, riding a motorcycle, etc, but they cost me like $500.”

(Source: TheFedoraLounge)

Which leads us to the question, why not treat dress up your Jordan's too? If you were able to cop a pair of Shattered Backboards (or made your own pair), a pair of leather laces are an option, but try something new. Lace Lab’s waxed flat laces are made with sneakerheads in mind, so you can expect quality for a reasonable price. You should pick up a pair today! They’re going for as low as $6.95!

Lace Lab Black Waxed Laces