Winter Whites

Keep things fresh this holiday season with a crisp, white lace swap. Whether you're keeping things all white or adding some fresh white laces to a colorful pair, Lace Lab has a variety of laces to match with the latest releases or customs. Here are some of the latest lace swaps to inspire your own.

Sometimes you can't have too much of a good thing, as these all white leather Air Jordan 1's prove. Details like the perforated swoosh and transparent tab on the tongue can really stand out with this sleek, minimalist design. White Luxury Leather Laces are the obvious choice for staying on theme and keeping things looking elevated.

Laces: White Luxury Leather Laces

White Luxury Leather Lace swap is again the go to choice for these Air Jordans. They have a little bit more color with muted teal uppers, but it's the white leather that makes this pair so fresh.

Laces: White Luxury Leather Laces

(source: @sneakerqueenscustoms_)

These custom graduation sneakers by @sneakerqueenscustoms_ in black, white and gold call for a White/Metallic Gold v2.0 Lace swap to finish them off. The reflective gold woven through these laces ties in perfectly with the gold swoosh and heel, while the white helps keep things fresh.

Laces: White/Metallic Gold v2.0 Laces

(source: @m.arriott)

Sometimes it's not so much about keeping things fresh as it is about the patina. A little sandpaper and the right lace swap by @m.arriott give these customs that perfectly worn in look. Sail Jordan 1 Replacement Laces are a great lace swap, with their slightly off white color.

Laces: Sail Jordan 1 Replacement Laces
Suggested size: 63"⁠

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